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Why regular people need 4K, too

Why record home movies in 4K? For the same reason pros do - flexibility to save your bad shots!

Dear Panasonic. My (realistic) GH5 wishlist

Now that the GH5 has been pre-announced, let's consider what it should feature when it rolls out in Q2 next year.

My newest model

Joe 3.0 is here. She has no idea how annoyed she's going to get sitting in front of the camera for me.

V-LOG L: A Bit Bucket Half Full

One guy's take on Panasonic's V-LOG L profile after beating on it for a few months.

SHORT: Player Two

Dreamy execution that fits the content perfectly, John Wikstrom's short is well deserving of it's Vimeo Staff Pick status. Anyone that can turn a YouTube comment into an emotionally engaging narrative is someone to watch.

Yosemite through V-LOG L and a fisheye lens

On a recent trip to California I intended to bring my Rokinon 14mm cine-lens, but instead accidentally packed the 8mm fish-eye. The results?

The three types of video resolution

There is more than one kind of resolution. Understand the three that most impact video quality.

Panasonic announces paid V-LOG L upgrade for GH4

If you read between the lines, this upgrade has clear implications for Panasonic's business, and the industry as a whole.

Grading GH4 V-Log

Some quick and dirty grades of sample GH-4 V-LOG footage from Driftwood Productions.

Exposing the GH4

Exposing to the left is a dangerous strategy when shooting with the Panasonic GH4.