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The three most misunderstood GH4 settings – PART 3: Highlight & Shadow

Not all curve controls are created equal. I thought I knew what to expect from the GH4 Highlight and Shadow settings. For this final installment of misunderstood settings, find out how I was wrong.

The three most misunderstood GH4 settings – PART 2: Master Pedestal

In part 2 of our series on misunderstood settings, we tackle the ominous sounding Master Pedestal.

The three most misunderstood GH4 settings – PART 1: Luminance Levels

Think you know what the luminance levels, highlight & shadow, and master pedestal settings do to your image? Are you sure?

What does a professional colorist do?

Timelapse of the color grade for a make-up commercial.

GEAR REVIEW: Fotodiox Pro Vizelex ND Throttle Lens Mount Adapter

Is a variable ND filter built-into a lens mount a stroke of genius or a frankenstein monster?

Shooting for Safety

David Fincher validates and updates shooting wide and reframing in post.

Adobe MAX demo automagically eliminates jumpcuts

Coming soon to Premiere?


Gone Girl (2014, R)
Good Deft direction, strong screenplay, excellent performance from Rosamund Pike
Bad Overly long coda, poor casting

Saving a bad shoot with aggressive editing

I screwed-up a time sensitive shoot. Can I save my butt in the edit? You be the judge.